On an iterative method for a class of 2 point \& 3 point nonlinear SBVPs

Authors: Mandeep Singh, Amit K Verma and Ravi P Agarwal

Abstract: In this article, we propose a novel modification to Quasi-Newton method, which is now a days popularly known as variation iteration method (VIM) and use it to solve the following class of nonlinear singular differential equations which arises in chemistry −y″(x)−(α/x)y″(x)=f(x,y), x∈(0,1), where α≥1, subject to certain two point and three point boundary conditions. We compute the relaxation parameter as a function of Bessel and the modified Bessel functions. Since rate of convergence of solutions to the iterative scheme depends on the relaxation parameter, thus we can have faster convergence. We validate our results for two point and three point boundary conditions. We allow ∂f/∂y to take both positive and negative values.

Publishing Date: Vol.9, Issue 4, 2019

Published in: Journal of Applied Analysis and Computation (JAAC)