IIT Patna currently has one boys' hostel and one temporary girls' hostel in the campus. It also has necessary arrangements for married research scholars. More boys and girls hostels are in the process of construction. The boys' hostel is at a distance of about 1KM from the academic complex and the girls' hostel is situated near the faculty quarters, about 3 KMs from academic complex. Presently over 1200 students are residing in the hostels. Regular bus services have been provided from the hostels to and the academic buildings. Students have access to Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the buildings. In addition to the adequate health care facilities, all the students are covered under Vidyarthi Mediclaim Insurance Policy. The hostel is equipped with gymnasium, TV room and table tennis facilities. Campus has a basketball court, a volleyball court, and badminton court. A football-cum-cricket ground will also be available very soon. There are two students' mess in boys' hostel and one mess in the girls' hostel, along with various food joints and canteen in the Food court. The students elect a student body once every year in the month of April.


The boys' hostel building is a 8-storey structure divided into 4 blocks viz. A,B,C,D. It's spread onto an area of 28849 Sqm. It has 912 rooms, all with a balcony, window, cupboard, and enough niches. The hostel has two common rooms used for recreational and co-curricular activities and a gymnasium. There are total of 6 lifts in the building. Watercoolers are installed on each floor. Fire extinguishers and other safety measures are taken care of. The building can resist high magnitude earthquakes. There are seven more such boys hostels and 2 girls hostels are proposed in the plan.


Boys hostel has a gymnasium on the first floor along side the common room. It has all the basic exercise equipments like dumbbells, barbells, bench press, etc. It also has other major equipments like tredmills, exercise bike, squat station, hammer strength machine, cables and pulleys, lat pull down machine, leg extension machine and few more.


Boys' Hostel has two mess halls on the ground floor and girls' hostel has one. They provide breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Messes follow a specific menu for the week. Every month, the mess menu gets changed. Coffee/tea is provided in the breakfast and snacks time. Students elects a mess secretary from all the years to look after mess related issues. Messes are kept clean and work in hygienic conditions.