An economical non-explosive route for synthesizing Graphene Oxide for Scalable Applications

Monolayer of functionalized graphene sheet, well known as graphene oxide (GO) is a wonder material with very interesting properties suitable for a wide range of applications. It is a precursor for making reduced graphene oxide (rGO), an excellent substitute for graphene in applications that require large quantities of materials. Due to an ease of reduction, GO and rGO with tuneable electrical and chemical properties with potential applications in the areas of electronics, energy, environment, and, biomedicine. However, real life applications crucially hinge on establishing an economical, safe and scalable route for their synthesis. The research team at the Sustainable Functional Materials (SFM) group in the Department of Physics at IIT Patna have demonstrated the much desired high-yield, low-cost and non-explosive synthesis of GO. They also demonstrated application potential in the areas including photovoltaics and bio-sensing for food preservation and environmental monitoring. The lead author Mr. Pranay Ranjan is expected to submit his thesis soon. The links to the related published work is provided below:


The future efforts are aimed at developing GO based neuromorphic computation paradigm. Please visit for further details.