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MoU with Wipro signed for implementing an Indian Language Chatbot

The MoU with Wipro is signed on September 13, 2019 to implement the project titled "Sevak-An Intelligent Indian Language Chatbot", funded by Imprint-II. The target languages are English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali and the domains are Health, Railways and Judiciary. IIT Patna as coordinating institute will work with Wipro along with the other participating institutions, IIIT Hyderabad and Jadavpur University.


ezDI, an Ahmedabad based company (head office is located in USA) has setup the Shusrut: ezDI Research Lab on Health Informatics, the aim of which is to develop products related to healthcare and contribute to the research in these domains.

Elsevier publishing company

Elsevier, the renowned publishing company has set up the "Elsevier Centre for Excellence of Natural Language Processing" to conduct research and development in some of the novel areas of AI, NLP and ML.

Accenture Pvt. Limited

AI-NLP-ML group recently signed MoU with Accenture Pvt. Limited for research on Question-Answering, Multilingual Support and Virtual Agent.


CDAC Kolkata