Security Unit

IIT Patna is situated on a sprawling 500 acre lush green campus with manicured lawns, colorful gardens, parks, administrative buildings, departmental buildings, tutorial blocks, workshops, gymkhana, student’s hostel, and faculty and staff residential quarters. IIT Patna places a high priority on maintaining a safe and secure campus for all students, faculty, staff, visitors and institute’s property and physical assets. IIT Patna in partnership with Bharat Vikas Group (BVG) India Limited provides a range of security services with its strategic focus on safety and security. Institute Security Committee (ISC) is an operational committee appointed by the Director of IIT Patna to serve as a coordinating body, with responsibilities for establishing the framework for an overarching institute’s safety and security. ISC includes representatives from the faculty members and staff members and one member from BVG India Limited. Dr. Om Prakash is the Professor-In- charge (PIC) of the ISC. BVG India Limited has deputed well trained 176 security personnel (1 security inspector, 6 security supervisors and 169 security guards including lady security guards) for ensuring round the clock robust safety and security operations inside the campus. The security team comprises of well qualified and highly trained security personnel that include security guards, security supervisors, armed guards and patrol guards. These security personnel receive on-campus training that includes day to day functioning of the security unit, handling and using arms, procedures to deal with various incidents, accidents, violence, vandalism, first aid, fire fighting, fire prevention, and crime prevention. Security personnel are provided with dedicated vehicles like motor cycles, bi-cycles and jeeps to carry out round the clock on and off campus patrolling. The security personnel also conduct regular patrols of buildings via foot. They use a number of modern technologies such as high beam torch lights, CCTV and emergency telephones to avoid any lapses in the security measures. The security control room is conveniently located inside the campus and is manned 24 x 7 by security supervisors. Security personnel are in a continual communication with the security control room from different locations of the campus. The security supervisors in the security control room respond immediately to emergency and routine phone calls and they have full access to various locations of the campus through CCTV cameras. In addition, these security supervisors make several physical visits to various sites inside the campus. Students’ hostel premises are continuously monitored by highly qualified and experienced security personnel. Two tier security protections have been given to girl’s hostel premises to ensure complete safety and protection to our girl students. In addition, numerous measures are being taken for road safety includes positioning of road signs and markings. Speed breakers are fixed at prominent places to curb the speed of vehicles and avoid road accidents.

The security personnel are consistently providing a variety of services to IIT Patna including:

  • Provide 365 days, round the clock security of the whole campus of IIT Patna at Bihta and hired premises outside the campus of IIT Patna at Bihta by deployment of well trained and equipped Security guards, Security Supervisor, Armed Guards and Patrol guards (in three shifts / 8hrs per shift).
  • This will include security and safeguard of all infrastructures within IIT Patna campus, assets of IIT Patna, life, assets and property of residents of IIT Patna against theft, burglaries, dacoits etc. pilferage and misappropriation and any threat external or internal.
  • Prevent unauthorized entry of persons, vehicles and goods including hawkers, vendors etc.
  • Management and control of authorized entry and exit of persons, vehicles and goods/materials.
  • Maintain records of authorized entry and exit of visitors/vendors/persons, vehicles and goods/materials.
  • Regulate movement of vehicular traffic/parking control within the campus and in front of the gates.
  • Smooth conduct of functions, conferences, dignitaries visits, cultural events etc. within the campus.
  • Crowd control within the campus and in front of the gates.
  • Handling emergencies like fire, flood, earthquake, rioting, arson, looting etc.
  • Liasoning with the local police and lodging FIR on behalf of IIT Patna.


Please use the prefix 06115-233 XXX (where XXX is last three digits of Phone extension number for calling from outside campus)
and append the email ID with
PhotoDesignationE-mail IDPhone

Dr. Om Prakash,
Asst. Professor,
Department of CEE

PIC OMS (Security)    

Dr. Amit Kumar

PIC Security pic_security 8124

Mr. Deepak Kumar Chourasia

Security Officer security_officer (O)8107, (RES)8416

Emergency Contact Details:

NameContact Details
Nand Kishore Sharma, Security Supervisor 7461803529
Ajit Kumar, Security Supervisor 8651642934
Deepak Kumar, Security Supervisor 7909082479
Amit Kumar, Security Supervisor 8804304004
Sanjay Kumar, Security Supervisor 9798431572

Campus Entry policy document:

IIT Patna Campus Entry (Policies and Procedures) PDF
IIT Patna Campus Entry (Loss of Entry Pass/ Labour Token) PDF