Dear All,

   We have crossed 2 weeks of the lock-down period. The institute is doing a commendable job of running its functions in the face of the COVID-19 challenge. Our teaching is on, research proposals on COVID-19 are being obtained, sent forth and their gist uploaded on IIT Council, MHRD and the Hon'ble Minister are being kept abreast of the situation in the institute by regular communications, customary institute meetings are being held and so on and so forth. Thank you all.
Special thanks to institute functionaries who are attending to day to day matters and to the huge contribution of workers who are providing essential services. 
Hail knowledge, hail technology. Without internet all the above would not have been possible.
Finally, in all this, what holds the center stage is the indomitable spirit of man and the mutual feeling of empathy. It has been realized that Mother Nature takes the final call, that every component of life is interlinked, that nations depend on one another for their well being and that everybody's destiny is inter-linked. Therefore, friends, please work in harmony and work as a team. Also mind your fitness; do exercises. These hard times will pass, and we shall overcome the challenge.

विश्व का मुकुटमणि आई आई टी पटना

सदा तत्पर सदा जाग्रत पीछे ना जाने हटना ।|