Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya Completes 5 Years As Director IIT Patna On 2nd June, 2020: Message

Dear IIT Patna Fraternity,
Today is 2nd June, and I complete one more year of my association with a great institution in the making.

On this very day, 5 years back, I joined IIT Patna, taking over charge in the temporary old campus at Patliputra Colony. Since then, after shifting to the permanent campus, there have been many achievements and accomplishments, which I do not want to list. Suffice it to say that with its streamlined processes and structures, and the "hunger" to succeed, the institute is determinedly on its way to eminence.

For any great institution, what matters is the VALUES it believes in. IIT Patna firmly adheres:
Clear thinking
Hard Work
These assets we should never let go and guard like a mother guards her children.

COVID-19 has thrown at us an unprecedented challenge, and the institute draws from its reserve of inner strength to face the situation. Our:
CC - ensures that the power of internet is harnessed to keep our operations uninterrupted
IWD - ensures that campus services run smoothly and construction starts coming back on track at the first opportunity
Task Force - ensures that Govt guidelines are studied, understood and operated to bring back normalcy
Medical team - ensures that safety and health is kept firmly in focus
Security team - ensures that campus safety and security is never compromised
Associate Deans - ensure that policy and planning continues unabated and opportunities are never missed
Heads - ensure that academics- our bread and butter- runs uninterrupted
Administration - ensures reliability and efficiency of governance

Our students- the reason we exist-, our staff and our faculty have shown exemplary strength and character in helping the institute face the situation.

We will surely overcome.

विश्व का मुकुटमणि आई आई टी पटना

सदा तत्पर सदा जाग्रत पीछे ना जाने हटना ।|



Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya, FNAE, Abdul Kalam Fellow,
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Former President Association of Computational Linguistics
Former Vijay and Sita Vashee Chair Professor, IIT Bombay
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