Formalities before Arriving at IITP:

  • Get your official admission letter from IIT Patna.
  • Get your passport and student visa to study at IIT Patna.
  • Contact the IR cell of IITP at and update them about your plans OR if you have any queries/ problems.
  • You will be provided a room meant in the student’s hostel on campus.


Formalities after arriving at IIT Patna:

  • Identity Card 
    You will be provided an Institute Identity card. Approval letter is sufficient for Internship students.
  • Hostel and Mess Facility 
    Hostel and dining facilities will be provided to you once you pay the appropriate fees and deposits. The IR Cell will guide you for this purpose.
  • Gymkhana Facilities 
    Access to the gymkhana and other facilities will be provided to you.
  • Bank Accounts
    It is advisable to open a Savings Bank account with one of the local Banks. Two banks have branches within campus: State Bank of India and Canara Bank.