Atul Kumar (Research Theme: Theoretical and Experimental aspects of CZTS based solar cells).

Chaitanya Bathina (Research Theme: Moisture Harvesting for Potable Water, Co-advised with Dr. R. Raj).

Apurva Sinha (Research Theme: Magnetism in Carbon based Systems).

Karuna Kumari (Research Theme: Resistive Memory based on Graphene-Transition Metal Oxide Hybrids, Co-advised with Dr. S. Ray)

Mohak Shukla (Research Theme: Computational Aspects of Certain Statistical Mechanics Problems).

M.Sc. (2nd year project)

Shantanu (Research Theme: Heat Transfer in Low-Dimensional Systems).
Sherlin James (Research Theme: Graphene Oxide for Neuromorphic Circuits).



Pranay Ranjan (Research Theme: Functional Nanomaterials for Electronic Nose and Skin); Graduated 2019. 

Ashutosh Kumar (Research Theme: Complex Oxides); Graduated 2019 (Currently Post-Doctoral Researcher at the  AGH TU, Poland).

M.Tech. (2nd year project)

Rabindranath Sarangi, Robust Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces with Self-cleaning, Water Droplet Bouncing and Dropwise Condensation (Co-adviser: Dr. R. Raj; Graduated 2019).
Anand Kumar Upadhyay, Piezoelectric MEMS (Graduated in 2017); Working as Technical Officer at CEERI Pilani.
Upasana Sahu, Ferromagnet-Superconductor interface phenomenon (Graduated in 2016); Currently pursuing PhD at IIT Delhi. 

Vivek Singh, Nanostructured Thermoelectrics (Graduated in Spring 2016); Currently pursuing PhD at IISc Bangalore.

Arun Singh Chouhan, Tuning of Magnetic and Electrical Properties in Complex Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition (Co-adviser: Prof. Lambert Alff, TU Darmstadt, Germany, Graduated in 2015). Currently pursuing PhD at IISc Bangalore.

Pradip Kumar LeuaaHierarchically Nanostructured Tin Sulfide as an Electrode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors (Co-advised with Dr. A. K. Thakur, Graduated in 2015); Currently pursuing PhD at DESE, IIT Bombay. 

Akash Das, Image Guided Automated Non-prehensile Magnetic Micro-manipulation of Cells, (Co-advised with Dr. Atul Thakur, Graduated in 2015); Currently with Flipkart. 

Sagnik Ghosh, Semiconductor Process Optimization and Integration for the Elimination of Deep Trench Isolation Crack Issue in High Voltage Devices (Graduated in Spring 2014); Currently pursuing PhD at Hongkong University.

Anup Kumar, All Oxide Solar Cells (Graduated in Spring 2014); Currently with Bihar State Electricity Board.

M.Sc. (2nd year project)

Raj Kumar Das, Dust Solutions of LTB Model: Connection to Statistical Physics (Graduated in Spring 2019).

Abhinandan KumarSuperconducting Antidot Arrays (Graduated in Spring 2018).

Mohak Shukla, Opinion Modeling (Graduated in Spring 2018);  Currently pursuing PhD at IIT Patna.

B.Tech. (4th year project)

Manas Haloi, Modeling of Nanoscale MOS (co-supervised with Dr. A. K. Mukherjee, Graduated in Spring 2013); Currently with Tricon Infotech.

Shivam Chourey, Development of Magnetically Controlled Microrobots (co-supervised with Dr. Atul Thakur, Graduated in Spring 2014); Currently with Siemens.

Summer Interns

Rupali Tiwari, Simulation of Solar Cell Structures for High Performance (Galgotia; Summer 2016).

Monalisa Yadav, 2D-materials:Theory and Experiments (IISER Kolkata; Summer 2016).

Ankit Labh, Optimization of Co2 laser cutting parameters for fabricating microfluidic channels (from IISER Mohali; Summer 2015).

Abhinav Ashesh, Low Cost Solid State Photolithography System Based on UV LEDs (CUJ; Summer 2014).

Malvika Srivastava, Radio Frequesncy Energy Harvesting (St. Stephens; Summer 2014).


Tutul Bera (Research Theme: Earth Abundant Element Based Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials, 2012-15); School Teacher, West Bengal.