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National Symposium on Rotordynamics 2017, 12th and 13th December 

This symposium discusses various issues in the area of rotor dynamics with several invited talks by eminent people in this area. It also facilitates a platform for presentations on various developments in the area of rotor dynamics by several academic and industrial delegates. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering are jointly hosting NSRD 2017.

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IITP student team student team secured 2nd runner-up in HPVC 2017 

ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) is an annual international level competition in which engineering students have to design, innovate and fabricate a human powered vehicle.

IIT Patna’s team “Alacrity” (part of Tinkerer's club@IITP) secured overall Second Runner Up position in ASME HPVC Asia Pacific 2017. HPVC is a part of ASME E-Fest Asia Pacific hosted by LNMIIT Jaipur during 3rd-5th March 2017. There were total of 41 teams which were shortlisted after Qualifier Round for the main event in November. Teams from all over the country took part which includes teams from IITs, NITs and other prestigious Institutes.

IIT Patna secured overall 3rd position in this competition with 3rd rank in Male Drag Race, 4th rank in Design as well as Innovation events, 5th rank in Endurance race and 13th rank in Female Drag Race. A 15-member team from IIT Patna led by Abhishek Singh under the mentorship of Dr. Atul Thakur manufactured a light weight, efficient, dexterous semi-recumbent vehicle which can safely and effectively be used for everyday transportation. The vehicle has “Innovative Smart Automatic Gear changing System” controlled by a smartphone attached to the vehicle. A new mobile application named “Alacrity SAGC” has been developed for this purpose by team member Md. Zeeshan Alam. Vehicle also has notable features like Rollover Protection System, Aerodynamic Fairing, 7x3 Gear System. During the Drag race, the vehicle driven by S. Vijay Anand achieved top speed of 45 kmph with an average speed of 35 kmph. Passion and Perseverance of students got reflected from the fact that Mr. Vijay Anand despite of having ill health rode at top speed and so did Chandan Gupta.

The vehicle was sponsored by ‘Research and Development Unit, IIT Patna’. Team members include: Abhishek Singh, Karan Gupta, Ashish Kumar, Gaurav Srivastava, Chandan Gupta, Avinash Kumar, Amrit Raj, Dharmesh Kumar Dewangan, Chaitanya Kumar, S. Vijay Anand, Sarthak Rastogi, Shiv Jee, Shashank Kumar, Pranjali Sharma, Md. Zeeshan Alam.>/p>

Team INVINCIBLES IITP makes its mark at Enduro Student India 2017 

Students of Indian Institute of Technology Patna participated in the finals of Enduro Student India 2017, an inter-college vehicle design competition held at Coimbatore from 5-9 January 2017. For the same, the students designed and manufactured an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) in-house at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna. As the name suggests, the vehicle is designed to go beyond tarmac and wherever the driver wishes to takes it.

The team, christened Team INVINCIBLES IITP, consists of 13 students from third year and 15 from second year. It is led by Sourabh Jain and has Dr Anirban Bhattacharya from the Department of Mechanical Engineering as the Faculty Advisor. The Royal Blue coloured vehicle has been tastefully named "The Queen", and performed reasonably well for a team participating for the first time.

The Queen has a host of innovative features to showcase as well. It boasts of a unique Driver Suggestion System, implemented using a Raspberry Pi which receives signals like GPS coordinates, gyroscope, and ultrasonic sensor readings to display the vehicle’s speed, position, ground clearance etc. on a smartphone through a web-application. The Queen has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to ease the driving experience. The vehicle is fitted with high performance Fox Shocks. It also houses a Limited-Slip Differential, ensuring instant traction.

Over 170 teams from the country initially registered for the tournament. The teams first had to clear a preliminary Rule quiz, in which Team INVINCIBLES IITP stood 12th and 79 teams qualified for the finals. And out of those, only 57 teams participated in the gruelling 4 hour-long Endurance Race on the last day of the tournament.

In the finals, the teams first had to clear the Technical Inspection(TI) and Brake Test to be eligible for the other Dynamic Events. Team INVINCIBLES IITP cleared the TI as well as the Brake Test. And they also performed reasonably well in the Dynamic Events that followed. The team was ranked 26th in the Manoeuvrability Test, and 17th in the Endurance Race, which saw many cars being towed off the track throughout the race, but not The Queen. Among the non-dynamic events, the team got 13th rank in the Sales presentation, finishing with an overall rank of 25 in their first attempt at ESI.

Speaking about the team's performance and future plans, captain Sourabh said “The team's dedication of almost one year has paid off. We have set the platform for future teams from our institute to participate in such events and I am sure the juniors will continue to make a name for our institution in future as well. Currently, we will continue to showcase The Queen throughout the year till the successor to the throne arrives, and maybe even after that.” And the team has been backed throughout its journey by IIT Patna as well as the official power sponsors: NTPC, BCST, BRPNNL, PNB, Allahabad Bank, and Canara Bank.