IIT Patna Alumni Foundation

IIT Patna Alumni foundation in USA is established for the following reasons:

  • Promote the brand of IIT Patna
  • Publicize the research and academic activities of IIT Patna and thereby enhance the International stature of the institute
  • Explore fund raising avenues for all-around growth plans of IIT Patna
  • Explore academic partnership avenues at the student, researcher and faculty levels in US universities
  • To mentor the students of IIT Patna
  • Find research and placement opportunities for the students of IIT Patna in USA
  • To facilitate the starting up of IIT Patna Alumni chapters in various cities across the USA in future
  • To foster strong collaboration of IIT Patna students and faculty with alumni and friends of the institute
  • Act as a liaison body for IIT Patna

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