Giving to IIT Patna

Donors may choose one of the following priority areas of giving to IIT Patna to enable the Institute to pursue its goal of maintaining high standards in Teaching and Research.

Institute Development Fund

To fund new facilities on campus based on the "Master Plan", with the facility to be named after the donor

  • New Buildings in Academic Zone
  • New Hostels
  • New Facilities in Residential Zones
  • New Facilities to Promote "Green Campus"
  • Research Park

Young Faculty Award Program

To attract top-notch young faculty to IIT Patna and nurture their development in supporting IIT Patna's growth and development as a world class institute for higher education.

Chair Professors

The Chair Professorship is a distinguished academic position of the Institute and is conceived as an academic honor to recognize outstanding Teaching/Research work and achievements of the permanent Faculty of the Institute. It can also be used to attract outstanding academicians to join the Institute as Visiting Faculty. Each Chair will be supported by an endowment created from a donation to the Institute.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To promote Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) among IIT Patna students, and faculty with initiative to be named after donor.

Medals for best achievers

To provide an endowment for awarding medals to best academic achievers that may include (but not limited by) best performing student in their category (e.g., top-rankers in different disciplines), This may also be used to start an award for great achiever from other academic/research institutes in India and abroad.

Student Scholarships

To nurture excellence amongst students by awarding scholarships to deserving candidate. Some scholarships may be aimed at helping economically weak students. These scholarships may be named after the donor.

Student Development Fund

To render assistance to students of the institute through grants and prizes and to provide assistance in academics, placement or any other area that is felt appropriate by the institute.
Student and Faculty Travel Grand Program

To provide financial assistance to students and faculty for participation in international technical conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and exchange programs

Library Endowment

To provide and endowment for the continuing acquisition of resources: books, manuscripts, journals, recordings, photographs, films, and electronic resources.

Hostel Development

To provide amenities to enhance student quality-of-life, with the amenity to be named after the donor.


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