Sourav Kumar Dandapat

Assistant Professor

Computer Science & Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Patna

Ongoing Project

  • Project Title: Cyber Crime Prevention Against Women and Children

  • Project Goal: Developing a chatbot for Mental Health Counselling and Legal Aid.

  • Funded By: Ministry of Home Affairs

  • Role: Co-Investigator

Completed Project

  • Project Title: Development of CDAC Digital Forensic Centre with Artificial Intelligence Based Knowledge Support Tool

  • Project Goal: Monitoring cyber-media for early detection and prevention of violence.

  • Funded By: Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Government of India & Government of Bihar

  • Role: Co-Investigator

  • Outcome: A social media monitoring tool named DigiMonitor which proactively monitors for violence provoking post and generates alert. A start-up company named DeepGaze Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has taken this product for commercialization. This product is already installed and being used by North East Police Academy, CDAC Kolkata and CDAC Patna.