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Welcome to the Thermal and Fluid Transport Laboratory (TFTL) under the direction of Dr. Rishi Raj in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Patna.

TFTL focuses on the investigation of thermal and fluid transport during phase change for a variety of energy, water, and thermal management applications, both for ground and space based applications. Our approach relies on leveraging scalable micro/nano-fabrication, advanced characterization, state-of-the-art experimentation, and unique model prediction capabilities to enable mechanistic insights into complex fluid, interfacial, and thermal transport processes. The gathered understanding is then utilized to enhance heat and mass transfer for various applications.

Current Openings:  New PhD position are available. Prospective students interested in pursuing research at TFTL are strongly encouraged to apply here. Good academic record along with sound backgrounds in mathematics and physical sciences is desired.

Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer