Implementation and Measurement of Blind Wireless Receiver for Single Carrier Systems

Authors: Sudhan Majhi, Manish Kumar and Weidong Xiang

Abstract:Theoretical studies on nondata aided (blind) parameter estimation algorithms for signals have been carried out over the past decades. However, most of them have not been implemented and measured in order to validate their feasibility. In this paper, at first, the blind parameter estimation algorithms have been presented, which facilitate to the design of a blind wireless receiver (BWR) where information bits are retrieved successfully. Next, a software-defined radio testbed has been implemented and a measurement method setup is proposed. Here, an uncertainty analysis for the estimation of single carrier system parameters, such as carrier frequency, symbol rate, and symbol timing offset, has been presented in terms of normalized mean-squared error between estimated and true values of the parameter. The success rate of blind modulation classification has been presented for four classes of a modulation scheme. These preliminary studies and measurement results demonstrate that the proposed BWR prototype is capable of estimating the concerned parameters and constellation symbols over an indoor propagation environment. The symbol-error rate for quadrature phase shift keying modulation is finally gained through simulations.

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement ( Volume: 66, Issue: 8, Aug. 2017 )