Theoretical analysis of self-phase modulation effect on different parameters in optical transmission system

Authors: Saurabh Kumar Pandey and Sonveer Yadav

Abstract: In this paper, we have described the improvement in performance parameters such as quality factor, bit error rate, threshold, eye height and mitigation of self-phase modulation efect on power spectrum at 10 Gbps optical transmission system. We have also analyzed the power content with and without SPM efect with the help of power meter at receiver side. Numerical simulation shows record quality factor of 3.47 from refected output. We have investigated the diferent parameters by optimizing OSNR, extinction ratio, pulse mode dispersion coefcient, extinction ratio, optical dispersion, wavelength and dark current with the help of eye diagrams and diferent optimized OSNR values. This study demonstrates the possibility of increasing the transmission reaching from 3500 to more than 6000 km at 10 Gbps using 100- and 120-km spans for a long-distance transmission.

Publishing Date: June 2019

Published in: Photonic Network Communications