News and Events

  1. Dr. Niwesh Ojha (former Ph.D. student of Dr. Sushant Kumar) is a recipient of highly prestigious DST INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship, given by Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology. Their research work was focused on the utilization of CO2 to produce fuels under simulated sunlight. This fellowship offers young achievers an opportunity for independent research in the near term and wish to emerge as a leader in future science & technology.”
  2. Continuing Education Programme (Online) on 'Resource Optimization for Process Industries (ROPI)' 17-19 February 2023, Coordinators Dr. Nitin Dutt Chaturvedi & Dr. B. B. Upadhyay
  3. International Chemical Engineering Conference 2022: The Role of Chemical and Allied Engineering in Environmental Protection and Green Energy 12-13 November 2022.  
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    Convener: Dr. Sujoy K Samanta