Directory-Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


NameDesignationPhone extensionE-mail ID
Anoop Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor 8762 anoopg
Jose V Parambil Assistant Professor 8761 josevparambil
Mahendra Ram Assistant Professor   mahendra.cbe
Nitin D Chaturvedi Assistant Professor 8281 nitind
Prolay Das Assistant Professor 8057 prolay
Sujoy Kumar Samanta Assistant Professor 8173 sksamanta
Sandip Khan Assistant Professor 8282 skhan
Sushant Kumar Associate Professor 8670 sushantkumar


NameDesignationPhone extensionE-mail ID
Krishna Jee Junior Technical Superintendent 8279 krishnajee
Subodh Kumar Azad Junior Technical Superintendent 8702 skazad

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & OfficesPhone extension
HOD Room 8276
Conference Room 8277
Department Library 8278
Department office 8279
Mass and H.T. Lab 8283
CRE and MO Lab 8284
Fuel Lab 8285
Simulation Lab -2 8286
Research Scholar Lab 8287
Bio Chemical Lab 8288