Directory-Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Prolay Das Assistant Professor 8057 prolay
Sujoy Kumar Samanta Assistant Professor 8173 sksamanta
Nitin D Chaturvedi Assistant Professor 8281 nitind
Sandip Khan Assistant Professor 8282 skhan
Sushant Kumar Assistant Professor 8670 sushantkumar
Jose V Parambil Assistant Professor 8761 josevparambil
Anoop Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor 8762 anoopg


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Krishna Jee Junior Technical Superintendent 8279 krishnajee
Subodh Kumar Azad Junior Technical Superintendent 8702 skazad

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
HOD Room 8276
Conference Room 8277
Department Library 8278
Department office 8279
Mass and H.T. Lab 8283
CRE and MO Lab 8284
Fuel Lab 8285
Simulation Lab -2 8286
Research Scholar Lab 8287
Bio Chemical Lab 8288