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The Continuing Education Programme (CEP) activity has been set up to meet the manpower training and knowledge upgradation needs of the industry, academia, and research organizations. The main aim of CEP of Indian Institute of Technology Patna is to impart knowledge related to the frontiers in science, technology, and management to the people, who want to upgrade their knowledge relevant to their field of interest. CEP of IIT Patna is dedicated to assist working professionals in widening their knowledge base and improving their skills. Moreover it is meant for providing training in cutting edge areas to the industry professional of this country to make them globally competitive. CEP also focuses to improve the teaching, research and management skills of a large number of faculties in various technical institutions across the country, to enable them to improve the quality of the trained manpower coming out of such institutions and also to enhance their career opportunity.
Currently CEP of IIT Patna is offering CEP courses and mentorship to the two institutions of Bihar under TEQIP-III programme.