Advisory for Campus residents during Corona Virus

Dear Campus residents,

We are in a lockdown situation till Apr 14, and the situation beyond also looks uncertain. The Institute has taken the following decisions for managing the day-to-day activities of the campus. These arrangements are based on the situation prevailing today, and may change depending on how the situation evolves. We shall keep you updated.

All are requested to note and co-operate.

1. Supplies of essential goods (vegetables, groceries, etc): Please plan to order these in. The shops in the market complex are open, Orbit in Bihta is supplying to us and other e-tailers are also coming on line. The delivery agents will be stopped at the Gate and you will get a call from the security. Please collect the materials at the gate itself without the delivery agent having to come inside. Orbit is also accepting cards; the supplier brings his PoS machine while delivering.

2.The essential services in the market complex are remaining open: Please make sure to avoid crowding when you visit these shops. Please maintain at least 3 ft intervals near the shops for adequate person-to-person separation

3.The milk supplier will continue to come in the morning. He will be stopped at the entrance to the quarters and the security will call you up. Please come down to collect milk. The same advisory on maintaining inter-person distance applies.

4.As already advised, please discontinue your domestic help, cook etc (especially if coming from off campus, or if going off campus to work in places outside) for this period by giving a kind of paid leave.

5. Please do not encourage social visits during this period. Also avoid congregating in the common areas of your buildings and in the children park in the evening hours. Children have to be made aware of the seriousness of the situation and prevented from gathering for games or other diversions during this period.

Phone numbers of general services near campus for information:

  • Orbit store:9430518001
  • Kaleshwar Singh’s shop (vegetable & fruit shop): 7739470698
  • Sharma ji’s grocery shop: 8002669738


Please strictly follow the following guidelines on Home Quarantine issued by the medical officer Dr. Rashmi Raj.

1) Guidelines for home quarantine given by Govt. of India were shared earlier:

These should be followed strictly. People in home quarantine should strictly not leave the house.

2) Building residents should be aware of who is home quarantined, and educate household members of this rule and the risks of not following it.

3) The no-help policy should also be applied as a safety measure in any house where someone is sick (fever, sore throat, cough, cold, diarrhoea, nausea, tiredness, etc), unless COVID can conclusively be ruled out.

4)Residents of houses with quarantined people should minimize contact with the outside world, including with delivery people, making payments online as far as possible

5) Do treat quarantined neighbours with empathy. Please help them in whatever way possible without risking your own safety. E.g. food can be cooked in neighbours' houses and supplied in disposable containers without physical contact, purchases can be made and delivered at home so they do not have to go out, etc.