Recent achievements from DCEE

  1. IGS–AIMIL Biennial Award to Dr. Pradipta Chakrabortty for best paper titled "Evaluation of Dynamic Properties of Partially Saturated Sands Using Cyclic Triaxial Tests" by Pradipta Chakrabortty, Aaditaya Raj Roshan and Angshuman Das published in Indian Geotechnical Journal.
  2. IGS-Prof. Leonard’s Award for best Ph.D. Thesis in “Geotechnical Engineering” for the year 2021 by Indian Geotechnical Society to our alumni Dr. Hasthi Venkateswarlu's thesis titled “Vibration Isolation using Cellular Confinement Systems: Experimental and Numerical Studies.” Dr. Hasthi was PhD student of Dr. Amarnath Hegde.