A Significant Book “Water Scarcity, Contamination and Management” Edited by Indian and Italian Professors/Scientists, Ashwani Tiwari, Amit Kumar, Abhay Singh, T.N. Singh, Enrico Suozzi, Gagan Matta, Stefano Russo, has been published in Elsevier Series “Current Directions in Water Scarcity Research”. The idea behind this book takes a multilateral approach and addresses significant issues related to water.

This book received an overwhelming response to our call for chapters from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The book is focused on the sustainable development and management of water resources and techniques and methods for improving water use efficiency, the quality of water resources, migration of pollutant sources, geochemical processes, groundwater depletion, and a consolidated and coordinated approach to finding the solution to water resource issues.

We at Indian Institute of Technology Patna extend our best wishes to Prof. T. N. Singh, Hon'ble Director, IIT Patna for his excellent contribution in editing this book and making it available in this form. This book presents a comprehensive overview of the field and is relevant for students, professors, scholars, researchers and consultants in the fields of water resources, civil engineering, environmental engineering and hydrology.