SLIP: Security Lab @ IIT Patna

Room 511 Block III (Phone: +91 6115-233-055)

Faculty Members

Dr. Somanath Tripathy
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Patna
Email: som [at]
Phone: +91 6115-233-036

Susil Kumar Mohanty
Email: susil_1921cs05 [at]
Area of Research: Blockchain and its Applications
Harsh Kasyap
Email: harsh_1921cs01 [at]
Area of Research: Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Machine Learning
Partha Sarathi Chakraborty
Email: partha_1921cs26 [at]
Area of Research: Application Cryptography
Soniya Rohilla
Email: soniya_2021cs09 [at]
Area of Research: Blockchain based Access Control in IoT
Narendra Singh Lodhi
Email: narendra_2021cs21 [at]
Area of Research: Malware Analysis
Debasmita Manna
Email: debasmita_2121cs18 [at]
Area of Research: Cyber Security
Ashutosh Abhishek
Email: ashutosh_2111cs23 [at]
Area of Research: Honeypot on Linux based IoT systems
Omkar Santosh Gavhane
Email: [at]
Area of Research: Privacy Preserving of Outsourcing Data in Cloud
Dr. Rakesh Matam
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, IIIT Guwahati
Thesis Title: Secure Routing Techniques For Wireless Mesh Networks (2014)
Email: matamrakesh [at]
Dr. Sanjeet Kumar Nayak
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, IIITDM Kancheepuram
Thesis Title: Design and Analysis of Techniques for Secure Cloud Storage Services (2019)
Email: sanjeetnayak1 [at]
Dr. Sumit Kumar Tetarave
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar
Thesis Title: Techniques for Efficeint and Secure File-Sharing in Peer to Peer Mobile Networks (2020)
Email: [at]
Dr. Nemi Chand Rathore
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Central University of South Bihar (Gaya)
Thesis Title: Some Techniques To Restrict Sensitive Data Leakage From Online Social Network (2021)
Email: nemichandra [at]
Dr. Vikash Kumar Rai
Current Affiliation: Assistant Professor, National Forensic Sciences University University (NFSU), Ponda, Goa
Thesis Title: Design and Analysis of Lightweight Cryptographic Techniques for IoT Devices (2021)
Email: raionway [at]
S.No. Name Dissertation Title Year
17 Amar Pandey Malware Detection using Machine Learning Technique 2022
16 B.Shravan Naik Blockchain based Reliable Data Transfer for Intelligent Transport System 2022
15 Dhamendra Tiwari Defending Poisoning Attack In Federated Learning 2022
14 Tama Ray Chowdhury Reverse Dialouge Generator for Chatbots 2022
13 Arpan Mana Defending Poisoning Attack In Federated Learning 2021
12 Ranu Maurya Development of a chatbot followed by Automated functional validation and Manual security Validation of chat bot 2021
11 Narendra Singh Lodhi Collaborative Learning Based Effective Malware Detection System 2020
10 Sanjay Murmu Password Generation, Guessing, Modelling and Strength Estimation 2020
9 Sunny Yadav Study of Zero day attack detection using one class classifiers 2019
8 Chanchal Suman Effective Unsupervised feature selection algortihm for Intrusion Detection system (Jointly Supervison of Dr. Sriparna Saha) 2018
7 A.K. Sinha Efficient Client side proxy for preventing session hijacking and cross site request forgery 2017
6 Aparna.C Malware Detection Using Machine Learning 2017
5 Praveen Kumar Preventing Session Hijacking and Cross Side Request Forgery using client side Proxy 2017
4 Basant Kumar Jha Privacy Preserving Technique for Smart Metering System 2016
3 Debapriya Chakraborty Some Results in Quantum Information Theory 2015
2 Karunakar Saroj Designing of Variable Length Block Cipher 2015
1 Subho Shankar Basu Secure Multicast Data transmission Technique For Internet of Things 2015