PhD Awarded

  • Dr. Partha Bhattacharjee: (2016-2019)
    Topic: Body in Graphic Ecriture Feminine: Revisiting the Registration of Trauma in Select American Illustrators
  • Dr. Aiman Reyaz: (2015-2019)
    Topic: Joyce and Kafka as Anti-Novelists: A Postmodern Reading
  • Dr. Sanjib Kr Biswas: (2016-2021)
    Topic: Women and/in the 1971 War of Bangladesh in Feminist Narratives
  • Chhandita Das:
    Awarded (2019-2022)
    Topic: Reconstructing Allahabad: Mapping the Socio-Spatial Interactions in Select Writings of Neelum Saran Gour
  • Vinayak Yashraj:
    Awarded (2018-2022)
    Topic: (Un)dressing the Identity in Select (H)ind(I)pendent Films: Une Perspective Feministe

PhD Ongoing

  • Ajit Anand: (2017-)
    Topic: Mapping Migrations: Space and Subjectivity in the Writings of Amitava Kumar
  • Febin Vijay: (2020-)
    Topic: Feminist Concerns in Contemporary Indian Women's Crime Fiction
  • Soumya Kashyap: (2020-)
    Topic: Reconceiving and Reconstructing Female fertility and Artificial Reproductive Technology in Contemporary Indian Women’s Writing
  • Sridipa Dandapat: (2020--)
    Topic: Traversing the Trails of Gender through New-Age English Children’s Literature in India
  • Debashrita Dey (2020-)
    Topic: Narrativizing Age and Experience of Women in Select Indian Texts
  • Navin Sharma (2021-)
    Topic: Legal and Constitutional tour of Gendered Discourses: A critical study of select Indian texts
  • Parvathy Nandakumar (2021)
    Topic: Social Media Celebrityship and the Gen-Z Fandom in Modern India
  • Bhagya Shree Nadamala (2021)
    Topic: TBA
  • Argha Basu (2021)
    Topic: Beyond the Binary: An Epistemological Investigation into the Works of South Asian Feminist Dystopian Fiction in English
  • Hilal Ahmad Reshi (2021)
    Topic: Decoding Domestic Spaces and Construction of Femininity: A Case Study of Baramulla (Kashmir, India) District

Post-Doctoral Supervision

Dr. Sujata Jha

(Indian Council Social Science Research, Govt of India, Post-Doctoral Fellowship)

“Analysis of the Impact of online Teaching during Covid-19 on Students of Government Colleges in Patna”. (2022-2024)