Joydeep Chandra
I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Patna. Currently, I am interested in mining social media, modeling of social networks, studying diffusion of information and identifying influentials. Application domains include Journalism, Disaster, Healthcare and Crimes on the Web. I am also a member of the Data Analysis and Network Science (DANeS) group at IIT Patna.

Latest Publications
  • Embedding Traffic Network Characteristics Using Tensor for Improved Traffic Prediction, Accepted in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • TAQE: Tweet Retrieval Based Infrastructure Damage Assessment During Disasters, Accepted in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems
  • A Large Scale Study of the Twitter Follower Network to Characterize the Spread of Prescription Drug Abuse Tweets, Accepted in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems
  • Tweet Summarization of News Articles: An Objective Ordering Based Perspective, Accepted in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems
  • A Graph Combination with Edge Pruning Based Approach for Author Name Disambiguation, Accepted in Journal of the Association of Information Science and Technology
  • Where Should One Get News Updates: Twitter or Reddit accepted in Elsevier Online Social Networks and Media
  • Forecasting Big Cities Traffic Flow using Modified Tucker Decomposition in ADMA 2018
  • Predicting Tomorrow's Headline using Today's Twitter Deliberations in CIKM Workshop (INRA) 2018
  • Characterizing Infrastructure Damage after Earthquake: A Split Query Based IR Approach in ASONAM 2018
  • Enhancing Traffic Model of Big Cities: Network Skeleton and Reciprocity in COMSNETS 2018