Plasma Spray Coating Lab
Indian Institute of Technology Patna

Sr. No. Project Funding Agency Status
1 Development of High Temperature Wear and Corrosion Resistant Graphene Nanoplatelates Reinforced Plasma Sprayed Cr3C2-NiCr composite Coating for thermal power plant Ongoing
2 Establishing the plasma spray parameters for CUMI's graphene nanoplatelates (GNPs), Al2O3-GNPs and YSZ-GNP Powder Ongoing
3 Developing Plasma Spray Coating on commercial scale Ongoing
4 Plasma Spraying of rare-earth niobates powder and controlling its stoichiometry and porosity for the advanced thermal barrier coating applications. Ongoing
5 Development and optimization of cost effective and scalable near net shape plasmasprayed membrane with graded porosity for microfiltration application. Ongoing
56 High Temperature Materials for Thermal Protection Systems (With IIT Kanpur)

Co-PI: Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri (IIT Patna)

7 Plasma Sprayed Nano-diamond reinforced NiCrBSi Nanocomposite Coatings: Substitute to Electroplated Hard Chromium Ongoing
8 Plasma sprayed CNT reinforced Graphene Coated electrode for the Supercapacitor Applications Towards Industrialization Ongoing
9 Graphene Based Membrane for Water Desalination with Improved Properties Ongoing
10 Optimization of corrosion and wear properties in plasma sprayed Fe-based metallic glass protective coating (With IIT Kharagpur)

Co-PI: Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri (IIT Patna)


Fabrication of Robust Plasma Sprayed Rare Earth Oxide  Hydrophobic Coating for the High Temperature and Wear Resistance Applications


Surface modified metallic orthopedic implant for Sustained drug Release.

Co-PI: Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri (IIT Patna)

13 Plasma Sprayed Carbon Nanotube reinforced Molybdenum Disulfide Anti-friction Nano Composite Coating with enhanced Mechanical and Wear Properties Completed
14 Plasma Sprayed Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Reinforced Alumina Hybrid Nanocomposite Coating with Enhanced Electrical Conductivity, Corrosion and Mechanical Properties for Light Metal Alloys Completed
15 Optimization of corrosion and wear properties in plasma sprayed Fe based metallic glass protective coating (With IIT Kharagpur) Completed
16 Fabrication of Plasma Sprayed Coating with Improved Thermal Shock Resistance, Non Wetability to Molten Iron/Slag and Moderate Wear Resistance Completed
17 Plasm Sprayed Fe based coating Completed
18 Plasma Sprayed Nanostructured Coating Completed
19 Plasma Sprayed Hydrophobic Coating Completed




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