Dr. Soumya Jyoti Ray
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Dr. Soumya Jyoti Ray
Asst. Professor
Ph.D, University of St. Andrews, UK
M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Ph: +91(0) 61 302 8616 (office), +91(0) 61 302 8072 (Lab)
Personal Webpage: https://sites.google.com/view/sjray/
Research Areas : Two-dimensional Layered Materials, Nanoelectronics, Spintronics, Superconductivity, Magnetism.
Significant recent contributions : Currently we are working on 2D materials like graphene, Phosphorene etc. and their application potentials in various nanoelectronic and spintronic platforms. Details of various areas of work can be found on the webpage.
Other Interests : Travelling, Sports, Writing
Courses taught at IITP :
  • PH101(T) : Physics – I (B. Tech)
  • PH429 : Electronics (MSc)
  • PH430 : Electronics Laboratory (MSc)
  • PH424 : Statistical Mechanics (MSc)
  • PH527 : Measurement Techniques (M. Tech)
  • PH703 : Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics (PhD)
  • NT514 : Seminar (M. Tech)
No. of Ph.D. Students : 4
Professional Experience :
  • March, 2016 – present : Assistant Professor at IIT Patna
  • 2014-2016 : Scientific Staff at Technical University of Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  • 2012-2014 : Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CEA Grenoble, Grenoble, France
  • 2007-2011: Teaching Assistant at University of St. Andrews, UK
  • 2006–2007: Junior Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Awards & Honours :
  • DST-INSPIRE Faculty Award (Direct Mode).
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at TU Darmstadt (Germany), University of Southampton (UK), University of St. Andrews (UK).
  • Research Excellence Grant under the European Metrology Research Program (included salary, research contributions, travel).
  • EPSRC Doctoral Fellowship, UK
  • Doctoral Research Fellowship (Max. Planck Society, Germany)
  • National Merit Scholarship (1999, 2001, 2004)
  • Academic Excellence Award (West Bengal) – 1996, 1999, 2001
  • Indian Academy of Science Fellowship.
Publications :
  • A. Chaudhury, S. Majumdar, S. J. Ray – Proximity Induced Colossal Conductivity Modulation in Phosphorene, Physical Review Applied (APS), 11, 024056 (2019)
  • S. Rani, S. J. Ray – Detection of gas molecule using C3N island single electron transistor, Carbon, 144, 235 (2019)
  • S. J. Ray, M. V. Kamalakar – Unconventional Strain-Dependent Conductance Oscillations in Pristine Phosphorene, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20, 13508 (2018)
  • S. J. Ray, L. Alff – Superconductivity and Dirac Fermions in 112-phase Pnictides, Physica Status Solidi B (invited review), 254, 1, 1600163 (2017).
  • S. J. Ray - First-Principles study of MoS2, Phosphorene and Graphene based Single Electron Transistor for gas sensing applications, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 222, 492-498 (2016). (Also invited for publication in the Journal of Visualized Experiments). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray - Single Molecular Transistor as a Superior Gas Sensor, Journal of Applied Physics, 118, 034303 (2015). (Link)
  • P. Clapera, S. J. Ray, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, A. Valentian, S. Barraud - Design and cryogenic operation of a hybrid quantum-CMOS circuit, Physical Review Applied, 4,044009 (2015). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray, M. V. Kamalakar, R. Chowdhury – Ab-initio studies of phosphorene island single electron transistor, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28, 195302 (2016). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray - Humidity Sensor using a Single Molecular Transistor, Journal of Applied Physics, 118, 044307 (2015). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray – Gate engineered performance of Single Molecular transistor, Journal of Applied Physics, 119, 204302 (2016). (Link)
  • R. Retzlaff, A. Buckow, P. Komissinskiy, S. J. Ray, S. Schmidt, H. Muhlig, F. Schimidl, P. Seidel, J. Kurian, L. Alff - Superconductivity, role of pnictogen and Fe substitution in 112-LaPdxPn2(Pn = Sb, Bi), Physical Review B, 91, 104519 (2015). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray - Single Molecular Transistor based Nanopore for the detection of Nicotine, Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 244307 (2014). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray - Single atom impurity in a Single Molecular Transistor, Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 154302 (2014). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray, R. Chowdhury - Double Gated Single Molecular Transistor for Charge Detection, Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 034307 (2014). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray, A. S. Gibbs, S. J. Bending, P. J. Curran, E. Babaev, C. Baines, A. P. Mackenzie, S. L. Lee - Muon-Spin Rotation measurements of the vortex state Sr2RuO4: Type-1.5 superconductivity, vortex clustering and a crossover from a triangular to a square vortex lattice, Physical Review B, 89, 094504 (2014). (Link)
  • M. Flokstra, S. J. Ray, S. J. Lister, J. Aarts, H. Luetkens, T. Prokscha, A. Suter, E. Morenzoni, S.L. Lee - Measurement of the Spatial Extent of Inverse Proximity in a Py/Nb/Py Superconducting Trilayer using Low-Energy Muon-Spin Rotation, Physical Review B, 89, 054510 (2014). (Link)
  • D. O. G. Heron, S. J. Ray, S. J. Lister, C. M. Aegerter, H. Keller, P. H. Kes, G. I. Menon, S. L. Lee - Muon-Spin Rotation Measurements of an Unusual Vortex-Glass Phase in the Layered Superconductor Bi2.15Sr1.85CaCu2O8+δ, Physical Review Letters, 110, 107004 (2013). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray, S. J. Lister, S. L. Lee, O. Hellwig, J. Stahn - Stoner enhanced paramagnetic influence on superconductivity in a superconductor/metallic heterostructure, Physica C, 487, 67-71 (2013). (Link)
  • X. Jehl, B. Voisin, T. Charron, P. Clapera, S. J. Ray, B. Roche, M. Sanquer, S. Djordjevic, L. Devoille, R. Wacquez, M. Vinet - Hybrid Metal-Semiconductor Electron Pump for Quantum Metrology. Physical Review X, 3, 021012 (2013). (Link)
  • R. Khasanov, T. Kondo, M. Bendele, Y. Hamaya, S. J. Ray, S. L. Lee, Tsunehiro Takeuchi - Suppression of the antinodal coherence of superconducting (Bi,Pb)2(Sr,La)2CuO6+δ as revealed by muon spin rotation and angle-resolved photoemission, Physical Review B (Rapid Communication),82, 020511(R) (2010). (Link)
  • S. J. Lister, T. Thompson, J. Kohlbrecher, K. Takano, V. Venkataramana, S. J. Ray, M. P. Wismayer, M. A. de Vries, H. Do, Y. Ikeda, S. L. Lee - Size-dependent revershal of grains in perpendicular magnetic recording media measured by small angle polarized neutron scattering, Applied Physics Letters 97, 112503 (2010). (Link)
  • S. J. Lister, M. P. Wismayer, V. Venkataramana, M. A. de Vries, S. J. Ray, S. L. Lee, T. Thomson, J. Kohlbrecher, H. Do, Y. Ikeda, K. Takano, C. Dewhurst - Small-angle polarized neutron studies of perpendicular magnetic recording media, Journal of Applied Physics 106, 063908 (2009). (Link)
  • S. J. Ray, P. Clapera, X. Jehl, T. Charron, S. Djordjevic, L. Devoille, E. Potanina, G. Barinovs, V. Kashcheyevs - Modeling of an adiabatic tunable-barrier electron pump, Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements, 446 - 447, 2014.(Link)
  • P.Clapera, S. J. Ray, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, A. Valentian, S. Barraud –A quantum device driven by an ON-Chip CMOS ring oscillator, 11th IEEE International Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics, 73-76, 2014.(Link)
  • T. Charron, L. Devoille, S. Djordjevic, O. Seron, F. Piquemal, P. Clapera, S. J. Ray, X. Jehl, R. Wacquez, M. Vinet- Characterization of hybrid metal/semiconductor electron pumps for quantum metrology, Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements, 442 - 443, 2014. (Link)
Selected Presentations :
  • University of Cambridge, UK
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • London Centre for Nanotechnology
  • University of Glasgow, UK
  • CEA Grenoble, France
  • Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
  • Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
  • University of Twente, Netherlands
  • Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin (HZB), Germany
  • University of Leeds, UK
  • International Max. Planck Research School, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Max. Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics, Halle, Germany