Plantation Drive by Students of IIT Patna

On 12th August 2019, NSS IIT Patna conducted Plantation Drive in the IIT Patna campus itself as a token of gratitude of thanks to Nature and environment who is like our mothers which give us birth. Trees are like the lap of the mother where we get life and peace. So it is our responsibility to take the best care of our environment and its resources which rejuvenates the earth. With the same resolution in mind, the student fraternity of IIT Patna took the devoir and planted trees in the campus itself. Each student adopted a plant with the oath of taking care of the sapling for the coming four years on the campus. They said that each time they water their plants their memory will also replenish. That small sapling will give a lot of small sweet memories of college life. They gave a sweet name to their plant kid and said this will always be there as a mark of their presence ever in college. The drive was successfully conducted in the presence of NSS PIC Dr. T. Rajgopala Rao, and Dr. Ajay Thakur and NSS General Secretary Jagdish Aanjana.

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