New Constructions of Complementary Sets of Sequences of Lengths Non-Power-of-Two

Authors : Avik Ranjan Adhikary and Sudhan Majhi
Abstract :

The construction of complementary sets (CSs) of sequences with different set size and sequence length become important due to its practical application for OFDM systems. Most of the constructions of CSs, based on generalized Boolean functions (GBFs), are of length 2α (α is non-negative integer). Recently some works has been reported on construction of CSs having lengths non-power of two, i.e., in the form of 2m..1+2v (m is non-negative integer, 0 ≤ v ≤ m). In this paper, we propose constructions of CSs of lengths N + 1 and N + 2 for set size 4n and CSs of length 2N + 3 for set size 8n by employing insertion method on Golay complementary pairs of length N. This systematic construction can generate more CSs of new sequence length and set size which has not been reported before.

Published in : IEEE Communications Letters, April 2019.
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