PEG-mediated one-pot multicomponent reactions for the efficient synthesis of functionalized dihydropyridines and their functional group dependent DNA cleavage activity


Polyethylene glycol (PEG) has been found to be an inexpensive, non-toxic and useful medium for the one pot synthesis of highly functionalized dihydropyridines using multicomponent reactions (MCRs) at room temperature under catalyst free conditions. The notable features of this protocol are: mild reaction condition, applicability to wide range of substrates, reusability of the PEG and good yields. The interaction of the synthesized compounds with pUC19 plasmid DNA was also analyzed. Some of the synthesized compounds showed interesting functional group dependent nuclease activity for plasmid DNA cleavage under physiological conditions. These studies were published by Suman Pal, Vandana Singh, Prolay Das and Lokman H. Choudhury in the Journal “Bioorganic Chemistry” (