Co-transport behavior of nano-ZnO particles in the presence of metalnanoparticles through saturated porous media

Authors: Dibyanshu and Trishikhi Raychoudhury

Abstract: Increase in production of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) will eventually result in release of them in the environment. As a basis of risk assessment the fate and transport behavior of mix-ENPs under different environmentally relevant conditions are evaluated. To achieve this objective a series of column experiments are performed where the nZnO particles are injected in the porous media in the presence of other metal ENPs. The result suggests that the presence of HA and the solution pH are the major factors controlling the transport behavior of nZnO. The presence of other metal-ENPs seems to have nominal effect on the transport of nZnO. Finally it could be concluded that there is a possible risk of nZnO exposure in the groundwater in the presence of organic matter at higher pH, irrespective of presence of other metal ENPs.

Publishing Date: April, 2019

Published in: Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering