B.Tech students of IIT Patna have invented a smartphone for the blind people

Two students of IIT Patna, Anandghan from Computer Science and Engineering Dept.and Vidit from Electrical Engineering Dept. have invented a smartphone for the blind people in the final year of their undergraduate program. Currently blinds use regular mobile phones by memorizing the buttons or with the help of voice support. These methods are slow, error prone and restrict the user to basic functionalities of the phone only. The new phone is completely Braille based and does not use any voice support for interaction. It offers features like email client, Twitter client, phonebook, text messenger etc. It also has a reader app which allows the user to read any book in text format by displaying it in Braille script. This can be a great help in spreading education among blind people as not all books are available in Braille.

An Indian patent application (1267/KOL/2013) has been filed for the design of the phone and Anandghan was also invited to TEDxSushantLok to give a talk on the phone. More details are available here