Enhanced Performance and Defects Analysis of MgZnO based CIGS Solar Cell”,

Journal of Nanoelectronics & Optoelectronics Vol. 11, 2016

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey, Ph.D, IIT Indore

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Patna, Patna 801103, Bihar, India

Email: saurabh[*AT]iitp.ac.in

A compact numerical evaluation and optimization for cadmium free CIGS solar cell has been done using device simulation software. Various factors affecting the solar cell’s performance has been investigated for device optimization; more specifically optimization of device contact, buffer and absorber layer. In this study, maximum efficiency of 20.8% has been achieved with performance parameter of 0.95 V for open circuit voltage (Voc), 33.5 mA/cm2 short circuit current density (Jsc) and a fill factor of 84.7%. The role of surface defect density has been also studied to analyze the performance of cell module. The optimization of device parameters outperforms most experimental devices by a large margin, indicating the huge potential for the improvement for conversion efficiency of CIGS solar cell.

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