A review on carbon emission reduction in industries and planning emission limits

Authors: Rakesh Kumar Sinha, Nitin Dutt Chaturvedi

Abstract: Carbon emission is a prime reason for global warming. There are various industrial processes which discharge significant amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Carbon emission from industrial process can be controlled by the application of technologies at different stages in industries. This paper reviews the research works carried out for executing energy efficient and low carbon technologies for industries at different stages and classifies these works into inward, in and outward process stages. The review outlines few major approaches that are followed in majority of the research works. Process integration technique and improving energy and matter efficiency are key approaches of inward process stage. Retrofitting of existing industries with best available technique and utilizing energy model tools for predicting energy consumption and carbon emission are key approaches of inward process stage. Incorporating CCUS technology and targeting of CCUS via process integration technique are key approaches of outward process stage. The research works carried out for planning of carbon emission limits are also studied. Further a methodology based on pinch analysis is developed for determining restrictions on the carbon emission on tenure track basis. The emission limits can guide policy maker about the future course of action with respect to process modifications and technological innovations.

Publishing Date: October 2019

Published in: Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews