Enhancing efficiency of earth abundant CZTS solar cells

Solar cells based on the kesterite phase of quaternary copper-zinc-tin sulphide (CZTS) holds tremendous promise due to: (a) inexpensive and scalable solution processability, and, (b) earth abundance of the ingredient materials. Internationally, a lot of efforts are underway to improve the efficiency of CZTS solar cells with limited success. The researchers at IIT Patna have recommended key strategies for enhancing the efficiency and for achieving this, a modified cell configuration is proposed. The lead author of this work, Mr. Atul Kumar is a PhD student working in the Sustainable Functional Materials (SFM) group in the Department of Physics at IIT Patna. Further efforts are underway in the group to implement these strategies to develop high efficiency CZTS based solar cells. The links to the related published work is provided below:



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