General Administration

Please use the prefix 06115-233 XXX (where XXX is last three digits of Phone extension number for calling from outside campus)
and append the email ID with

Mr. Vishwa Ranjan

Registrar registrar 8002

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Deputy Registrar

Academic Section

Student Affairs

Research & Development Section

skumar 8067

Mr. Tripurari Sharan Sinha

Deputy Registrar

Establishement Section

Finance & Accounts Section

tripurari.sinha 8103

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Deputy Registrar

General Administration

Stores & Purchase Section

vijay.kumar 8784

Mr. Pradip Maity

Assistant Registrar pradipmaity 8292

Ms. Tanuja Kumari

Assistant Registrar tanujak 8053

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed

Assistant Registrar, S&P imtiaz 8683

Mr. P.M. Tulsi

Assistant Registrar, Academics aracademic 8697

Mr. Shambhu Kumar

Assistant Registrar (F&A) arfa 8062

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Assistant Registrar(Gen Admin) argenadmin 8684

Mr. Deepak Kumar Chourasia

Security Officer dkc 8107

Mr. Jeetendra Kumar

Superintendent jkumar 8084

Mr. Neeraj Kumar

Superintendent neeraj 8083

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Junior Superintendent rakesh_kr 8071

Mr. Raju Kumar

Junior Superintendent raju 8806

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Junior Superintendent santoshk 8303

Mr. Chintamani Chandan

Senior Assistant chandan 8041

Mr. Praveen Kumar Sinha

Assistant praveen1982 8132

Mr. Arvind Prakash

Assistant arvind.prakash 8145

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Assistant sunilkr 8303

Mr. Amit Kumar

Assistant amitkumar 8240

Mr. N.Damodar Murthy

Assistant damodar 8065

Mr. Ravi Shankar Sharma

Assistant ravishankar 8783

Mr. Jayanta Das

Assistant jayantadas 8041

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Assistant santosh61 8684

Mr. Shailendra Kr. Chaturvedi

Junior Superintendent shailukc 8817

Mr. Amit Kumar Singh

Junior Assistant aksingh 8684

Mr. Abhay Kumar Verma

Junior Assistant v.abhaykumar 8813

Mr. Ashish Kumar

Junior Assistant ashishkumar 8091

Mr. Abhay Kumar

Junior Superintendent
abhaykumar 8764

Mr. Salesh Shah

Junior Assistant shah.salesh 8773

Ms. Annu kumari

Junior Assistant annu 8313

Mr. Keshav Kumar

Junior Assistant keshav  

Ms. Nishita Singh

Junior Assistant nishita 8782

Ms. Pallavi Kumari

Junior Assistant pallavi  

Mr. Rajiv Kumar

Junior Assistant rajivk 8060

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Parimal

Junior Assistant pankaj.bacet 8275

Mr. Bimlesh Kumar

Junior Assistant bimlesh 8774

Mr. Vikash Kumar Ray

Junior Assistant vikashkumar  

Mr. Vinod Kumar

Junior Assistant vinodkr 8773