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Improvement in performance of lead free inverted perovskite solar cell by optimization of solar parameters

Authors: Himanshu Dixit, Deepak Punetha and Saurabh Kumar Pandey

Abstract: Tin based perovskite FASnI3 is an excellent absorber material to achieve high power conversion efficiency (PCE) at low cost for photovoltaic utilities. It is essential to realize how solar cell parameters like doping concentration (NA), defect density (Nt), band gap (Eg), operating temperature and thickness influence the performance of photovoltaic device. In this study we have reported the perovskite solar cell (PSC) model with novel inverted architecture Glass / FTO / NiO / FASnI3/C60/Au using device simulation tool. FASnI3 is feasible material because of its narrower band gap and broad absorption spectrum as compare to its lead based counterpart. By optimized parameters we obtained power conversion efficiency (PCE) 9.99%, open circuit voltage (VOC) 0.97 V, short circuit current density (JSC) 25.95 mA/cm2 and fill factor (FF) 80.85% which are much improved parameters for FASnI3 as compare to available in literature. This model allows researchers to characterize fundamental solar cell parameters to obtain high performance of photovoltaic devices.

Published in : Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics