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Modeling and analysis of an Ni:ZnO-based Schottky pattern for NO2 detection

Authors: Deepak Punetha, Himanshu Dixit and Saurabh Kumar Pandey

Abstract: In recent years, new emerging oxide materials have demonstrated significant potential for use in gas sensors. We performed a theoretical investigation and analysis of an Ni-doped ZnO (NZO)-based gas sensor. The conductivity and sensitivity of the gas-sensing layer are illustrated as functions of the temperature and gas concentration. The analysis was carried out for an oxidizing agent, i.e.,NO2, inwhich charge is attracted to the adsorbent layer and increases its resistance. The simulation results revealed the variation in resistance versus the temperature and gas concentration. To confirm the feasibility of the model, all the simulation results were compared with reported experimental work. This work will aid researchers in a reasonable choice of materials for and optimal design of high-performance gas sensors.

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