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1 Indian Patent No.314531 (208/KOL/2015) on "Surfactant Based Boiling System for Zero Gravity"
2 Two projects received consolation prizes at GRIDTECH 2019 held at Delhi. Congratulations to Surya Prakash (EE, PhD Scholar) and Tarun Kumar (EE, B.Tech). The projects were mentored by Dr. Ranjan Kumar Behera.
3 Kundan Kumar (PhD scholar, MME) has been awarded with MRSI prize for the best poster in First Indian Materials Conclave (IndMaC) by MRSI (Materials Research Society of India) at IISc Bangalore February 12-15, 2019
4 Biaxial Testing Device selected among the top six best business ideas in Business Plan Competition organized by Bihar Industries Association and Venture Park
5 Dr. Aashish K. Upadhyay, Dept of Mathematics, has been elected to the executive council of the prestigious Ramanujan Math Society
6 Dr. Pranay Ranjan, an ex-Ph.D. student from the Department of Physics won the Best Thesis Award at the 'International Conference on Nanomaterials for Clean Energy'
7 Congratulations to Vatsal Singhal and his team for being selected as Lead for Google's Developer Student Club program of IIT Patna campus
8 Tirthankar Ghosal has been awarded the AWSAR award 2018 in the popular science story category organized by DST
9 Mr. Mithun Mandal, a Ph.D. student, Dept. of CEE has received the "Best Paper Presenter Award" at the Indian Geotechnical Conference (IGC 2018)
10 Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Patna got two awards for best M.Tech. thesis ISTE-L&T National award in Electrical/Electronics Engineering
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