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Workshop on Information and Communication Technology-Forensic Linguistics (ICTFLING 2019)

In the emerging situation of cyber crimes and allied ICT related technological/ interventions, the importance of Forensic Linguistics has been found to grow exponentially. Social Media, Soft Documentations, Internet driven or Smart phone based information exchanges are pushing the frontiers of technical challenges in textual/audio analysis in the domain of linguistic research where forensic aspects provide several new research problems. The eco-system of written law (and spoken language), forensic and judicial process, and linguistic evidence based on forensic contexts needs to be revamped with new ICT based innovations. The proposed workshop at IIT-Patna planned jointly with CDAC Kolkata (ICT& Services group) will take up the above theme. R&D trends and application-linked issues for the benefit of students, scholars, faculty from Academic Institutes and members of Forensic Labs, Law Enforcement agencies, Law and Judiciary would be addressed in the workshop.

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