Directory-Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Anirban Chowdhury Assistant Professor 8183 anirc
Anup Kumar Keshri Assistant Professor 8184 anup
Dinesh Kumar Kotnees Assistant Professor 8185 dinesh


Name Designation Phone extension E-mail ID
Ved Prakash Junior Technical Superintendent 8212 ved.prakash
Randhir Kumar Parashar Junior Technical Superintendent 8213 randhir

Laboratory & Offices

Laboratory & Offices Phone extension
HOD Room  8276
HOD Office  8211
Department  Office  8212
Departmental Library  8213
Research scholar room  8214
Thin film lab 8200
Ceramic lab 8201
Nanomaterials lab 8202
Polymer synthesis lab 8203
Polymer Testing and Characterization lab 8204
Polymer Processing lab 8205
Plasma coating lab 8206
Metallography and Corrosion lab 8207
Mechanical testing lab 8208
Heat treatment lab 8209
Nanoindentation lab 8210