Director's message for start of online teaching

Dear Students, Colleagues,

     There is a saying, "Every Challenge brings an Opportunity".
Today on 3rd April 2020, the institute will see the start of online teaching. While all top institutes in the world have put in place sound and comprehensive framework for online teaching-learning, Indian institutes are yet to get there.
COVID-19 has forced us to think and act differently on every aspect of life, and teaching-learning is no exception. TEACHING is the foremost activity of an educational institute, and this too needs a different platform of delivery in the changed times.
Thanks to relentless efforts of CC Head, Associate Dean Academic and academic and CC staff, we are starting online classes from today the 3rd of April 2020. I request everybody to participate and cooperate wholeheartedly in this very important measure which is also an important learning for us. Classes will be as per the already fixed time table of this semester, which PIC TT has circulated over email.
The chronology of events is appended below.
Stay safe, stay healthy.

विश्व का मुकुटमणि आई आई टी पटना

सदा तत्पर सदा जाग्रत पीछे ना जाने हटना ।|

- Pushpak Bhattacharyya (Director)
Here is the chronology of events:
1. Institute was to re-open on 15th March, 2020 after midsem break; but reopening postponed to 31st March due to corona scare.
2. Thinking starts on online teaching; Director, AD Acad and CC Head hold repeated discussions on logistics and modalities.
3. On 30th March, Director presides over a webex based faculty discussion- featuring a tutorial on online teaching using webex- organized by CC Head and delivered by CISCO; with about 110 participants things are understood to be doable.
4. On 31st March, CC Head sends forth an instruction manual for webex based teaching.
5. On 31st March, Director holds a meeting with all Academic Heads in presence of AD Acad and CC Head to take the first steps towards online teaching- sticking to "keep things simple" principle: 
      (a) "lets start the teaching and we will take stock in a week"- it was decided
      (b) Each dept will designate a faculty member to mind online teaching
      (c) Each HoD will hold a webex based faculty meeting in the respective department to discuss online teaching
      (d) Each faculty member of the department will hold a webex based discussion with the class she/he is teaching
6. On 1st April, Hon'ble HRM holds a meeting with all IIT Directors to take stock of situation in each institute; Director IITP while apprising the Hon'ble minister informs that IIT Patna will start online teaching from 3rd April. 
7. A "stress test" to assess smoothness of operation was held on 2nd April 3-3.30 PM by CC Head and feedback collected; barring minor hiccups- there was no major issue; a comprehensive feedback has been collected by CC Head and discussed with Director; PIC TT has circulated this semester's time table to everybody. Classes will run as per timetable.
8. Online teaching starts today the 3rd of April 2020.