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Dr. Aditya Raj
Asst. Professor aditya.raj 8095 View Profile

Nilin Bharti  

Dr. Nalin Bharti

Associate Professor
Head, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
nalinbharti 8017 View Profile
Dr. Papia Raj

Asst. Professor


praj 8188 View Profile
Dr. Priyanka Tripathi

Asst. Professor


priyankatripathi 8182 View Profile

Smriti singh 281218

Dr. Smriti Singh

Associate Professor smriti 8020 View Profile


Dr. Sweta Sinha

Asst. Professor sweta 8397 View Profile


Dr. Richa Chaudhary

Asst. Professor richa.chaudhary 8398 View Profile

Prashant Jha

Dr. Prashant Jha

Visiting faculty     View Profile

Meghna Dutta

Dr. Meghna Dutta

Asst. Professor meghna  8724 View Profile

Rajendra N. P.

Dr. Rajendra N. P.

Asst. Professor rajendra  8737 View Profile