Dr. Sahid Hussain
Dr. Sahid Hussain
Associate Professor
Ph.D, IIT Guwahati
Ph: +91-612-302 8022
Fax: +91-612-227 7383
Research Areas : Nano-scale Materials, Green Chemistry and Synthetic Organic Methodologies
PhD Students :
Kulsum Khan
Post Doc:
Dr. Kulsum Khan
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar
Afaq Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan
Arif Chowdhury
  Arif Chowdhury
  Mugada Sugunakara Rao
Sunita Kumari
  Sunita Kumari
Former students :
PhD :
Aniruddha Molla
  • Yogendra Kumar
  • Anirban Chakraborty
  • Meenakshi Sahu
  • Sharmistha Chaterjee
Teaching :
  • CH-101: (Chemistry for 1st year BTech Students)
  • CH-102: (Chemistry for 1st year BTech Students)
  • CH-110: (Chemistry Laboratory for 1st year BTech Students)
  • CH-201: (Green Chemistry and Technology for BTech Students)
  • NT-511: (Design and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for MTech Students)
  • NT-513: Nanomaterial Synthesis and Device Fabrication Laboratory
  • CH-701: (Supramolecular Chemistry for PhD Students)
  • CH-702: (New Reagents For Organic Synthesis for PhD Students)
Patents :
  • Mihir K. Chaudhuri,  Sahid Hussain, Saitanya Bharadwaj, Upasana Bora Sinha, Dhrubajyoti Talukdar,  Subeer S. Majumdar, Sushmita Bhattacharya, Suman Dasgupta, Rakesh Kundu, Samir  Bhattacharya and Shelley Bhattacharya, ‘Insulin mimetic active comprising oxodiperoxo vanadates and a pharmaceutical composition obtained thereof’ Indian Pat. Appl. (2012), IN 2011KO00401  A 20121116; PCT Int. Appl. (2012), WO2012131689  A1 20121004.
  • Mihir K. Chaudhuri, Saitanya K. Bhardwaj, Neeraj Chandrol, Sahid Hussain, `Catalytic process for extraction of bromide from seawater, Indian Pat. Appl. (2011), IN 2009KO01011 A 20110722.
  • Jung-Han Shin, Jae-Byung Park, Hae-II Park, Jin-Seob Byun, Hyoung-Joo Kim, Sung-Jee Kim, Sahid Hussain, Ji-Won Bang, `Method of manufacturing nanoparticle, method of manufacturing light emitting element and method of manufacturing display substrate Korean Patent Application No.10-2008-00118717. US Pat. Appl. Publ. (2010),  US 20100129529  A1 20100527.
  • Mihir K. Chaudhuri, Sahid Hussain, Srihari Tadimalla `Catalysts and process for oxidation and deep desulfurization of transportation fuels Indian Pat. Appl. (2008), IN 2006CH01909 A 20080425.
Publications :
  • A. A. Khan, A. Chowdhury, S. Kumari and Sahid Hussain, “A Facile Soft-Template-Morphology-Controlled (STMC) Synthesis of ZnIn2S4 Nanostructures and Excellent Morphology Dependent Adsorption Properties” J. Mater. Chem. A, 2020, DOI: 10.1039/C9TA11800D.
  • S. Kumari, A. A. Khan, A. Chowdhury, A. K. Bhakta, Z. Mekhalif and  Sahid Hussain, “Efficient and highly selective adsorption of cationic dyes and removal of ciprofloxacin antibiotic by surface modified nickel sulfide nanomaterials: Kinetics, isotherm and adsorption mechanism” Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2020, 586, 124264.
  • A. Chowdhury, S. Kumari, A. A. Khan, Sahid Hussain, “Selective removal of anionic dyes with exceptionally high adsorption capacity and removal of dichromate (Cr2O72-) anion using Ni-Co-S/CTAB nanocomposites and its adsorption mechanism” Journal Hazardous Materials, 2020, 385, 121602.
  • K. Bhakta, S. Kumari, Sahid Hussain, S. Detriche, J. Delhalle and Z Mekhalif, “Differently substituted aniline functionalized MWCNTs to anchor oxides of Bi and Ni nanoparticles” Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry, 2019, 9 (4), 299-314.
  • Mugada Sugunakara Rao, Subhankar Sarkar and Sahid Hussain, “Microwave-assisted synthesis of 3-aminoarylquinolines from 2-nitrobenzaldehyde and indole via SnCl2-mediated reduction and facile indole ring opening” Tetrahedron Letters, 2019, 60, 1221-1225
  • A. Chowdhury, S. Kumari, A. A. Khan, Sahid Hussain, “Superadsorbent Ni–Co–S/SDS Nanocomposites for Ultrahigh Removal of Cationic, Anionic Organic Dyes and Toxic Metal Ions: Kinetics, Isotherm and Adsorption Mechanism” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2019, 7, 4165-4176.
  • R Paul, A Arya, R Laha, VR Dantham, Sahid Hussain, “Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence in nanomolar dye solution using combination of core-shell nanostructures of various shell thicknesses” Journal of Luminescence, 2019, 205, 451-456.
  • Arvind K. Bhakta, Sunita Kumari, Sahid Hussain, Praveen Martis, Ronald J. Mascarenhas, Joseph Delhalle, Zineb Mekhalif “Synthesis and characterization of maghemite nanocrystals decorated multi-wall carbon nanotubes for methylene blue dye removal” J. Mater. Sci., 2019, 54, 200-216.
  • Aniruddha Molla, Subham Ranjan, Mugada Sugunakara Rao, Arif Hassan Dar, Mousumi Shyam, Venkatesan Jayaprakash, Sahid Hussain “Borax Catalysed Domino Synthesis of Highly Functionalised Spirooxidation and Chromenopyridine Derivatives: X-ray structure, Hirshfeld Surface Analysis and Molecular Docking Studies” Chemistry Select 2018, 3, 8669 – 8677.
  • Afaq Ahmad Khan, Sunita Kumari, Arif Chowdhury and Sahid Hussain “Phase Tuned Originated Dual Properties of Cobalt Sulfide Nanostructures as Photocatalyst and Adsorbent for Removal of Dye Pollutants” ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2018, 1, 3474-3485
  • M. Musawwer Khan, Saigal Sarfaraz Khan, Sumbulunnisan Shareef and Sahid Hussain “A Facile and Green Approach for One‐Pot Synthesis of Functionalized Chromeno[3, 4-b]quinolines and Spiro Chromeno[3, 4-b]quinolines by Using Molecular Iodine as a Catalyst” Chemistry Select 2018, 3, 2261 – 2266.
  • Arvind K. Bhakta, Simon Detriche, Sunita Kumari, Sahid Hussain, Praveen Martis, Ronald J. Mascarenhas, Joseph Delhalle and Zineb Mekhalif “Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with Bismuth Oxide Nanocrystals Using Infrared Irradiation and Diazonium Chemistry” J. Inorg. Organomet. Pol. and Mater. 2018, 28, 1402-1413.
  • M Naqi Ahamad, Farasha Sama, Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar, Yan-Cong Chen, Ming-Liang Tong, Musheer Ahmad, M Shahid, Sahid Hussain, Kulsum Khan “A disc-like Co 7 cluster with a solvent dependent catecholase activity” New J. Chem., 2017, 41, 14057-14061..
  • Afaq Ahmad Khan, Manish Kumar, Kulsum Khan, Aniruddha Molla and Sahid Hussain “Photoinduced Oxygen Prompted Iron-Iron Oxide Catalyzed Clock Reaction: Mimic of Blue Bottle Experiment” New J. Chem., 2017, 41, 6420-6426.
  • S. Mukherjee, M. Chattopadhyay, S. Bhattacharya, S. Bhattacharya, T. K. Maity, S. Dasgupta, Sahid Hussain, S. K. Bharadwaj, D. Talukdar, M. K. Chaudhuri, A. Usmani, B. S. Pradhan, S. S. Majumdar, P. Chattopadhyay and S. Mukhopadhyay "A small inulinomimetic molecule also improves insulin sensitivity in dibetic mice" PLOS ONE, 2017, 12(1), e0169809.
  • Aniruddha Molla, Meenakshi Sahu and Sahid Hussain "Synthesis of Tunable Band Gap Semiconductor Nickel Sulphide Nanoparticles: Rapid and Round the Clock Degradation of Organic Dyes" Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 26034.
  • S. Singh, P. Jha, V. Singh, K. Sinha, Sahid Hussain, M. K Singh, Prolay Das “A quantum dot–MUC1 aptamer conjugate for targeted delivery of protoporphyrin IX and specific photokilling of cancer cells through ROS generation” Integr. Biol., 2016, 8, 1040-1048.
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  • Aniruddha Molla Meenakshi Sahu and Sahid Hussain, “Soft template mediated synthesis of Bi–In–Zn–S and its efficient visible-light-driven decomposition of methylene blue” RSC Adv. 2015, 5, 41941 - 41948.
  • Seema Singh, Anirban Chakraborty, Vandana Singh, Aniruddha Molla, Sahid Hussain, Manoj K. Singh and Prolay Das, “DNA mediated assembly of quantum dot–protoporphyrin IX FRET probes and the effect of FRET efficiency on ROS generation” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2015, 17, 5973-5981.
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  • M. S. H. Faizi and Sahid Hussain “Dichlorido¬(N,N-diethyl-4-{[(quinolin-2-yl)meth -yl¬idene]amino-ĸ2N,N'}aniline) mercury(II)”, Acta Cryst. E,  2014, E70, m197.
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  • Aniruddha Molla and Sahid Hussain “An Expedient Synthesis of b-Acetamido and Benzamidocarbonyl Compounds via KAl(SO4)2•12H2O-catalyzed Three-component Coupling Reaction” Org. Prep. Proc. Int. 2013, 45, 494-503.
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Conference attended :
  • “12th CRSI National Symposium on Chemistry” IICT Hyderabad, -February 04-07, 2010.
  • National Symposium on “Green Chemistry: Key to life” Magadh Mahila College, December 13, 2011.
  • Symposium on “Inorganic Chemistry at Interface” Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur, October 13-14, 2012.
  • “13th Tetrahedron Symposium Asia Edition” Taipei, Taiwan - November 27-30, 2012