WGRC-ICC, IIT PATNA, in association with Gender Resource Centre, Government of Bihar is organising a day long Gender Orientation Workshop on April, 1, 2017. Our society comprises people with a wide range of ideas and orientations, even about issues as fundamental as “gender”. Interactions, Engagements and Discourses that involve these people may be challenged by ideas and orientations that they have not considered. Among these ideas, differing perceptions about gender can be very challenging, especially if a person hasn’t thought about the issues of growing up male or female and how gender expectations affect day-to-day working relationships. The objective of this workshop is to engage the participants in a dialogue on what is gender, how does it play its role in societal discourse and to deliberate on their own attitude when it comes to interpersonal relationships especially at workplace. This workshop intends to bridge this gap and improve upon the working environment at IIT Patna.

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