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   * Report submission - 1st week of November   * Report submission - 1st week of November
   * Final presentation - 2nd week of November   * Final presentation - 2nd week of November
 +  * It is expected to have one survey paper from each of the group. You can choose your preferred domain. However, the broad domain should be embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, internet-of-things.
 +  * The paper should be 12-15 pages long (excluding bibliography). It needs to be formatted as [[https://​www.ieee.org/​content/​dam/​ieee-org/​ieee/​web/​org/​conferences/​Conference-LaTeX-template_7-9-18.zip|IEEE conference template]]. Also, you may choose [[https://​www.overleaf.com/​users/​sign_in|overleaf]] to write this paper. Overleaf provides collaborative development framework along with necessary template files.