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EE512: Embedded Systems

This course will provide broad overview of different techniques, methodologies employed in modeling - design - analysis of embedded systems.

  • Wednesday (1800-1900)
  • Thursday (0800-0900)
  • Friday (1700-1800)

Introduction to the Embedded systems, Embedded System models and Development Cycle, Modeling of continuous, discrete and hybrid systems, Embedded system design and examples, Hierarchical state machine, Design space exploration, Sensors, Actuators, Embedded processor and memory architecture, Introduction to Embedded OS and RTOS, Scheduling, Multi tasking, Temporal logic, Embedded System I/Os, Interfacing techniques, Communication Protocols and device driver, Embedded system analysis and verification.

  • E. A. Lee and S. A. Seshia, “Introduction to Embedded Systems”, Second Edition, MIT Press, 2017. pdf