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Sponsored Research and Industrial Relations Unit (SRIRU)

The Sponsored Research and Industrial Relations Unit (SRIRU) of the institute was established in 2009 with a view to initiate and nurture productive and interactive engagement with sponsoring agencies.

In the years to come, SRIRU is expected to play an increasingly important role as a facilitator and a mediator between the faculty and governmental agencies on the one hand; and, the faculty and the industry on the other.

It is heartening to note that this upcoming institute has already bagged a considerable number of major projects. Working on these projects is bound to enhance the academic and research prowess of the institute. And that should attract even more substantial projects in the future.


S.No. Past Events Date
01 Workshop on HPC & Smart Buildings 19.04.2013
02 Patent and IPR Workshop 03.03.2013
03 Industry Talk by Yahoo! 17.06.2013