The Students’ Gymkhana (established in 2008) is the students' governing council of IIT Patna which consists of group of democratically elected representatives who works for the overall well being and holistic development of the students of the institute. The Gymkhana is governed by its Constitution and functions under its President.

Elections are held every year for the members of the Students’ Gymkhana for the posts of General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Technical Secretary, Environmental and Welfare Secretary, Sports Secretary, Maintenance Secretary, Mess Secretary in each hall of residence. From the elected secretaries, candidates are again elected to be the office bearers of Gymkhana to supervise the day to day activities in various domains. The office bearers of the Gymkhana strive to foster growth and leadership among the student body by coordinating the work and finances of the annual college fest Anwesha in particular and various other inter as well as intra college events and workshops in general.

Contact Details:

  1. Vice President: Mr. Vipin Mavi
    Mobile:+91 9631083630
    Email: vipin.cs14[AT]

  2. General SecretarySports: Mr. Anurag Meena
    Mobile: +91 9631110726
    Email: anurag.me14[AT]

  3. General Secretary – Cultural Affairs: Mr. Shubhendu Yadav
    Mobile: +91 7319928931
    Email: shubhendu.cs15[AT]

  4. General Secretary - Technical Affairs : Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal
    Mobile: +91 9006704106
    Email: abhishek.cs14[AT]

  5. General Secretary - Student Welfare : Mr. Rishabh Singal
    Mobile: +91 9631089254
    Email: rishabh.ch14[AT]

    General Secretary - Student Welfare : Mr. Rahul Meena
    Mobile: +91 9709311573
    Email: rahul.me14[AT]

  6. Postgraduate Representative (M.Tech.): Mr. Akshay Saxena
    Mobile: +91 9430983365
    Email: akshay.mtnt15[AT]

  7. Postgraduate Representative (Ph.D): Mr. Ashutosh Kumar
    Mobile: +91 7541044190
    Email: ashutosh.pph13[AT]