Indian Institute of Technology Patna is developing fast and would like to come up as an institute of excellence promoting intelligent, hard working and technically curious minds. We have already developed state-of-the-art infrastructure including classrooms and laboratories in imparting world class education. We have a wide range of research programmes, and many curricular and extra-curricular events to ignite the minds of enginnering students.

The Indian Institute of Technology Patna epitomizes and reveres this limitless power in every way of its life and functioning. Established as an institute of national importance through an act of parliament in 2008, IIT Patna strives to provide world class education and an intellectually stimulating environment in an endeavor to develop well rounded individuals with technical and professional competence of the highest degree.

IIT Patna houses many projects in all the academic units.Many international institutes have shown their interest in collaborating with IIT Patna in various areas of research and teaching.Some of them include University of Houston, Louisiana State University, University of North Texas, University of New South Wales and UNICEF Bihar.

Students' Gymkhana

The students' gymkhana of IIT Patna(established in 2008) is the Students' Governing Council consisting of the elected student representatives working for the over-all well being and holistic development of students in the institute.

The elected representatives of the students from each hostel strive to foster growth and leadership among the students by coordinating various events helping to extract the maximum of ones talent. To promote the co-curricular activities and interests, the gymkhana has many clubs and groups dedicated to the interests of the students.

Sports at IIT Patna bring together relaxation and competition getting the best of every player. It organizes various inter-hostel and inter-department competitions.

The blending of different cultures has lent uniqueness to the cultural activities which are organized throughout the year. The organization of various workshops, seminars and various technical activities at IIT P makes learning an enjoyable experience.

All these and numerous other clubs come together to organize the big fests - ANWESHA, CELESTA, REVERBERANCE, etc... and together make the IITP legacy.